MailControl - The Personal E-mail Firewall

With the fast introduction of new viruses and trojans, applications such as anti-virus utilities fail to offer a complete solution for fighting viruses that use email as their primary infection mechanism. These utilities provide protection only against viruses that have been previously identified and their signature been introduced to the anti-virus utility. Unfortunately, newer viruses (such as the ILOVEYOU virus) often spread in just few hours to millions of computers around the world, usually before an effective antidote has been prepared by the anti-virus vendor and distributed to the unfortunate victims.

MailControl can help protect your system from these dangers. It acts as a firewall, constantly monitoring what is being sent from your computer to the network and preventing unauthorized applications from sending emails on your behalf. Whenever an application attempts to send an email, MailControl pops up with a warning message, asking you how to proceed. You can then block the email, allow it, or create a rule to ensure that future attempts are processed automatically. The following message is generated by MailControl when it detects unauthorized network activity.

MailControl alert message

You can freely download MailControl for personal and non-profit use.

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